I thought the programs were due today... Can I still turn mine in? I made a 3D engine, but didn't include the battle engine because I ran out of time with unexpected holiday travel (in the dark so I couldn't work on it in the car Sad

I am making a game that is similar to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (except it is calcs of the old republic), but I don't plan to finish that anytime soon.

My engine includes a sample string to walk through, and it shows doors, and items (don't click on items - that isn't part of the 3D engine so you will get an error because the item program can't be found). It can support strings of any size (RAM allowing).

Thanks for hosting this contest, even if I can't enter, at least it got me motivated to create a 3D game.

Best of luck to everyone in the contest!

BTW - nice new look to the site (first time I've been on in a long time).

EDIT: I'll have to send it tomorrow afternoon, if ever because my mom wants to use the only computer with linking software.
sorry about that. You can go for the new late entry thing to see where you would rank, but you are ineligible to win (though with only two entires, I have to talk to Kerm).
You should extend the deadline till the 8th, that will give everyone 1 week to work on their entry Wink
that would be quite nice =) mine should be done by saturday maximum. stupid school...
I have decided to extend the deadline to January 7th, since you people are such slackers. Razz Enjoy my lenience, and they must be in by the END of the 7th (not the beginning). No exceptions.
/me hugs Kerm WE LOVE YOU! lol now I get the girl AND first place... jkjk ill prolly take last...
I will probably take 3rd this time (Unless you guys leave out something Razz )

P.S. post the story about the girl Evil or Very Mad
YES!!! Thanks a million for extending the deadline. Now I should have time to finish the battle system so my entry is more than just a 3D engine.

How many people are you expecting to recieve entries from? Also, will the public be able to download the programs?

Sorry, I did get a little lazy & waited too long to start Rolling Eyes
once the grading is complete, entires will be uploaded (Kerm, can I by chance get a folder in the archives here for contest entries that I upload them to?).
Can I update my version I uploaded??????? I uploaded a crappy (read non-optimized) version because it was due for the 31th of december.

They got an extension. The entries did not have that deadline when I submitted.
That would seem fair...

Anyway, I have a question about my game in general, not about the 3D part.

In my game, it uses a string to store map data and you can rotate and face 4 different directions. If you press ALPHA, then you get to see an overhead view of the map (the view scrolls, of course) and I was wondering if I should make it so that the map only shows the areas you have already been (in other words, the 3 tiles in front of where you are standing). The problem with adding that is that the speed is significantly reduced. I could make you see only the tile directly in front of you, but that would make it impossible to actually know where the walls are).

Any thoughts?

Also remember that I am making a version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, where that feature is available.

I was also thinking that it might make the game too easy if you can see the entire area without exploring it (not to mention less realistic).
o.O sounds good

I just have the engine and an example program (maze) to show a implementation of it.
yes, programs may be uploaded any number of times, but only the latest that falls in the deadline will be graded.
Rivereye, once contest entries are graded, I will request that entrants submit their entries to the archives.
KermMartian wrote:
Rivereye, once contest entries are graded, I will request that entrants submit their entries to the archives.

I'm to lazy to do that myself XD

Just Joking
You'd better not be too lazy to submit it... Very Happy
sorry but I kinda lost intrest. lol. its my darned attention span.. ill finish it in a few weeks... in time for some other contest lol

Its due today =\
I won't be including the battle move animations because they look really crappy so I would assume that they would hurt my program more than help it, at least right now. Yesterday, I added multiple graphics options to allow the game to run at different speeds, depending on whether you would rather move quickly, or see really far. I also added an exploration feature so that (if turned on; it slows down the program noticeably) you have a map of the area you have looked at, that scrolls.

Today, I am adding people to the game and fixing some slight bugs when you are in an open room (walls appear that don't really exist). That will probably be the only thing I have time to do before I turn it in so I'd better get working.

Darn, and I have to write a ReadMe Sad

Maybe I'll just do what my friend did and copy my ReadMes from other programs, but change the names, etc Rolling Eyes

Best of luck to everyone who is going to enter something!
You are going to win, trust me Shock Based on what you said atlast...
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