Whenever i go to either apps or program and select the Python option, it loops in the "Python Firmware... Please wait for this process to complete" section of starting the app. At the start, it works as intended. It's bar slowly fills up and once it's filled it whites out the app window for a second (the top bar still remains) and then it cuts back to the bar now empty, and filling up once again. It does this loop for around 2 hours before freezing. The only way to break the loop is by grabbing a pen and pressing the "reset" button on the back

This calculator was bought brand new of Amazon a week or so ago, no modifications, no jailbreaking, straight from the box it has done this.

If you're curious, the OS is on version and the PROD number is #:13-07-05-1600

I stress that im a calculator noob and have next to no clue to how the python implementation works besides that it's on a separate chip that is unique to this type of calculator. Any feedback is appreciated and im willing to provide any photos or videos showing the problem.
Well the Python chip itself is actually an off-the-shelf ARM microcontroller you can buy on Digikey. But I'd suggest just contacting TI and asking for a warranty replacement. We might be able to help diagnose the issue, but it's probably a lot more convenient for you to just have TI replace it. Their warranty service is actually good.

EDIT: Or just return it to Amazon. Probably faster to use an Amazon return.
Thanks for the reply. I will try to get in touch with amazon. I'm still a little curious on what it was doing, but I'll pass on getting any diagnostics tools out.
Oh we're curious too! But it's not supposed to behave that way. We don't really have any diagnostic tools for the Python coprocessor, so we'd have to write them. For some of us, that'd be fun, but it'd probably take longer than just getting a replacement from Amazon.
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