Currently, I've started development on a project called Tidalwave, which is basically one place where developers can upload and publish their apps for TI calculators. Features will include:
* Web interface as well as Electron app
* The ability to flash directly to calculator instead of having to drag and drop to TI Connect or TiLP
* Each app can have multiple "versions" for each model, meaning developers can publish the same app for multiple calculators
* When flashing an app it will automatically choose the version compatible with that calculator module
* Ratings and reviews system, with the ability to rate an app without having an account
* Total download stats
* POSSIBLY create apps for the Nspire CX and TI-83/84 Plus using Nspire CX Navigator and Global CALCNet

So yeah, I'm also going to try and create inexpensive version of Nspire CX Navigator, as I know people aren't going to pay from $1000 to $3000 just to download apps (I know I'm not even going to pay that much to develop the software to download apps) so I'll have an update on that in a different storage.

Mockup of the store coming shortly, can't wait to here your feedback on this idea! Graphing Calculator
Woah, that would be super cool! I would use this all the time. Keep working on it, I'm excited to see it
This sounds vaguely similar to ACagliano's VAPOR CE. Do you plan on creating a similar interface for the calculator itself, or will be bulk of the program be the web interface and Electron app? It's possible that you could use WebUSB, something like

Looking forward to more updates!
I hate to break it to you... but I will be surprised if you finish this because your GitHub profile page includes a long list (~75 repos!) that contain only files. I recommend you start with smaller projects first. You have a lot of great ideas; but that is just it, ideas. Keep a private GitHub repo of your ideas, working on them one at a time. I recommend putting the unfinished projects in private repos, as they will not clutter your profile. I don't want to discourage you, but start small. The best way to learn to code is to code to learn.
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