In the gradual decline in the stability of EfNet, our bots gradually lost ops on #cemetech on EfNet, resulting in the channel currently having zero ops. Because 4 weeks have elapsed, we no longer have the ability to get CHANFIX to restore ops, so our only option is to empty the channel and regain ops. I believe a good 80% of the 45 users currently in the channel are still active in some way, and will hopefully work with us to leave #cemetech until January 1, 2024 (we're using #cemetech2 for staging in the meantime). We'll see if we can get the final 20% of the lurkers to leave as well. We'll also need to stabilize the botnet and get it joined up, and we also plan to build a capability into our non-botnet bots like saxjax, DoorsCS, and DecBot3 to op users in case they're the only remaining ops.

So, tl;dr, if you're in #cemetech on EfNet:
  1. Please leave #cemetech and join #cemetech2 now.
  2. Please wait until January 1st, 2024 to rejoin #cemetech

Thanks in advance.
If you don't want to bother moving around more than once, #cemetech on is also bridged to all the other rooms so you can also simply move there, where this kind of problem is significantly less likely to happen.
We're getting there! If anyone knows how to get in touch with brandonlw, Genolo, Link, poxifide, sourdough, and/or webdawg, those are the six remaining users we've been unable to get to leave #cemetech, and your assistance would be appreciated.
I'm actually slightly surprised and thrilled to announce that we have regained #cemetech on Efnet! We'll be switching back to that as our home on Efnet, and doing our best to keep ops this time. Please switch back at your convenience.
I'm happy to see this was a success, especially considering how hard this can be on a network such as EFNet. Hopefully people switch back soon so that they don't miss out on discussion. Smile
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