What was the best completed project of February 2022?
Gimme 5!
 5%  [ 1 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
Snorlax’s Lunchtime CE
 22%  [ 4 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
Wordle BASIC
 16%  [ 3 ]
Wordle CE
 44%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 18

Welcome to February 2022’s projects of the month (the month of the Wordle)! As usual, there were a lot of awesome projects this month, so make sure to check them out and give the creators your support and feedback as well. Keep in mind that, given this is a year behind, some of the projects may already be completed now. Without further ado, let’s get into the projects!

  • Calculator Street Racing: A drag racing game for 84+/CE: Oxiti8 has continued work on his racing game. This month, he’s updated the UI, made a few optimizations, and added the paintshop to customize your cars.

  • CEsh: A native ANSI terminal for the TI-84 plus CE: calclover2514 has started work on a command-line shell on the CE. So far, it already includes many features, including program execution, a filesystem, an API, and more. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

  • DEADMATH: Quill has begun work on a TI-BASIC remake of the game Dead by Daylight. He’s already made some progress and has a lot of ideas, so be sure to give him some support!
  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog has continued work on his RPG. This month, he’s made a lot of progress on porting the game to the TI-84 Plus CE, along with plans for more attack animations and further polish to the game in the future.

  • Gimme 5!: A word-guessing game [TI-84 Plus CE]: Captain Calc has created a word-guessing game inspired by the game Wordle, with a few features like word-sharing that aren’t in the original Wordle. If you enjoy word puzzles, this is the perfect game for you!

  • Isometric Minecraft on the CE [C]: Michael2_3B has started work on an Isometric Minecraft game, with a lighting engine, basic redstone implementation, and more. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet!

  • KhiCAS, a full-featured CAS for Casio CG50/Graph 90+e: parisse has been working on an update to his CAS program, adding a 3D rendering system, MicroPython interpreter, and more!
  • micrOS: another shell for TI-84 PCE [ON PAUSE]: nanobot567 has continued work on his shell, this month adding file listing, credits, a help window, and more!

  • Prototype 3d Engine[TI84+CE]: Zaalane has re-written parts of his 3D engine, along with great speed improvements as well, bringing rendering down by over 1 million cycles per frame in some examples.

  • RushCE: ZebraVogel has created a Rush Hour clone for the TI-84 Plus CE, featuring almost 2000 levels! Like the original game, it features lots of traffic-themed puzzle fun!

  • S.A.M.M. - A Metroid-vania for TI-84 Plus CE [beta]: Captain Calc has started work on a sci-fi exploration platformer, featuring polished graphics, a mini-map, and multiple game save slots so you can have up to 3 different saves at once. If you’re a fan of Metroid-vania style games, be sure to give it a try!

  • Snorlax's Lunch Time port to TI-84+ CE: TIny_Hacker has released his clone of the game Snorlax’s Lunchtime for the Pokemini handheld console. If you want to give your button-pushing reflexes a test, be sure to give it a try!

  • Supersonic Ball HP Prime G2 remake: DJ Omnimaga has revived his Supersonic Ball game, now for the HP Prime G2. The game features speed improvements over the original, along with custom themes as well!

  • Suzan: Wavejumper3 has released her chatbot for the TI-84/83 Plus calculators, written in Axe. The program is currently in a proof-of-concept state, but more features are planned for the future.
  • Userbar SAX Client: commandblockguy has turned his userbar into a SAX viewer! You can try it out yourself by finding the userbar in his post signature, ctrl-clicking it twice and then reloading the page by pressing F5. This month, he has restored functionality to the userbar, as it was broken for a little while.

  • VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 has continued work on his awesome shell. This month, he’s worked on some updates to the start menu and the file explorer.

  • Wordle BASIC: kg583 has created a Wordle clone for the TI-84 Plus CE written in pure TI-BASIC!

  • Wordle CE: commandblockguy has continued the trend of Wordle games, with his port being written in C! It’s impressively faithful to the original version, and the puzzles are taken from the official word list as well.

  • Wordle CSE: mr womp womp has created Wordle clone for the CSE, written in hybrid TI-BASIC using Celtic II and xLIBc. If you own a CSE, be sure to give it a try!

  • Zelda for ti 84+ ce: IceWorks has started work on a Zelda game written in ICE. It’s a big project, so be sure to give him some support!
  • Zombie Chase CE [C]: Spenceboy98 has been updating his game. This month he has updated and added stuff to the store!

That’s all the projects for this month! As always, make sure to vote for your favorite project completed this month, and give the authors your support. See you in the next PotM!
Oh man, this is one of the toughest months ever!

Well done everyone and awesome work TIny_Hacker for the post.
Great work on this one, TIny_Hacker, and impressive projects all around! In the month of the three Wordles, Wordle CE will be advancing to PotY.
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