I am confused on how lists work in ICE. I read the documentation
In my code I have:
CopyData(L1,1,1,2,3) //I only need one byte
det(15,L1(0),1 //Displays 2560
For some reason, my lists contain wrong values.
I tried assigning them manually, using 1->L1(0)
It seemed to work, but when assigning the list's
elements to variables, they get wrong huge values.
I have ICE V2.2.1
You can store up to 2000 Bytes to a list like L1, L2... in ICE I think. When storing a value, you decide, how many bytes you need (one, two or three) to save it. One byte can hold values up to 255, two bytes up to 256*256 - 1 and three bytes up to 256*256*256 - 1

Here's an example

5→*{L1} // same as *{L1+0}
147→*{L1+2} // the * means that you want to use only one byte to save your value

2023→**{L1+3} // 2023 is higher than 255, so you need two bytes
638→**{L1+5} // make shure leave enough space to the previous value (3 and 4 are both already used by 2023)

365271→***{L1+7} // can also be written as →{L1+7}

// heres another example
For(A, 0, 10)
randInd(0, 2000)→{L1 + A*3} // index is multiplied by 3, because we use 3 byte values

You can also create "own lists" like this

Alloc(3000)→LIST // LIST can hold up to 3000 bytes

387534→{LIST+3} // just use it like before

Copy(LIST, L1, 11) // copies the first 11 bytes from L1 to LIST, overwrites LIST 0-10
Copy(LIST+3, L1, 5) // copies the first 5 bytes from L1 to the 3rd to 7th byte of LIST

CopyData(OTHERLIST, 3, 17, 25, 7633) // copies 17, 25 and 7633 as 3 byte values into OTHERLIST, so you should use max 10 values here because OTHERLIST is 30 bytes long

// This can also be written like this
Data(3, 17, 25, 7633)→OTHERLIST // note: this wouldn't overwrite any data, you just create some new values in RAM and store their position (or pointer) into OTHERLIST

Hope this helps a bit. Have a nice day!
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