Bought a brand new TI-30X Pro MathPrint since I hated the reflective buttons of my TI-36X Pro. Just thought I'd document the history entries that came with it:


No other variables were populated, as far as I could tell. Packaging was pristine, all plastic wrap and seals were intact, and no indication of previous use/refurbishment, so maybe it's some testing sequence from the factory?

Anyway, it's a nice calculator though pricier than I would have liked. Would love to model a slide cover for it, but got to find time for that. Still amazed that it has double the amount of pixels on the TI-84 Plus; just imagine how compact the monochrome calculators could be if TI tried.
Mine had nothing like that when I opened its package...just the "memory cleared" screen (I think...I did not specifically note it & am just going off memory). Did you get yours from a store? If so, someone may have tried to use it through the package while it was still on the shelf. & I suppose if you ordered it, it is still possible someone tried to test it before sending it out. There is a self test that includes a ROM test & a keypad test, so any factory testing would almost surely use that.

If you were to make a slide cover for it, how would it stay on? Or would you also have to replace or modify part of the case to have a slide track for the cover?

Some of the characters on the TI-36X Pro & TI-30X Plus/Pro MultiView were not very clear, so perhaps they increased the resolution to make it easier to tell what the calculator was trying to say. On the other hand, it seems like all the characters in TI's monochrome graphing calculator fonts are readable, so there would be less need for higher resolution. (& then games would also suffer from having to push 4 times as many pixels.) & making the calculators physically smaller while keeping the same number of pixels instead seems like it would be a bad idea because then kids & especially adults (remember that people do use them in college sometimes) would have a harder time pressing keys & reading results.

EDIT: Noted I am not certain about the "memory cleared" screen.
It was from a store, though the paper box was opaque and it came with the lid covering the buttons. Not sure what they were on to.

I'd probably dremel a track into the case for a sliding lid.

Edit: no memory cleared screen upon first use
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