Today I went on TI's online store to buy a new battery for my 84 Plus CE and while I was there I noticed that they still had the 83 Plus listed in their product lineup. I clicked on it (expecting to see a "This product has been discontinued" or "Out of stock" message) but to my surprise they're still selling the old clunkers (and for $129!!!). Is there any good reason for this? The 83 Plus has technically been obsolete since 2004 and REALLY obsolete since 2015. Sure, it might still work, but the lack of MathPrint is probably going to be really confusing for a lot of kids, especially when they see their friends with shiny 84 Plus CEs typing out equations exactly like how they appear in the textbook (or on the computer screen, haha).
They're selling TI-83s for $129 US? That sounds unbelievable. Well, if that's true, then that's hyper-capitalism for you. It probably costs less to make a TI-83 than it is to cost a TI-84 Plus. However, since both are graphing caluclators, retailors are probably able to get away with selling them to the customer (high school students) for the same price. This way, TI can still make record profits despite still pushing out hardware that's older than most Genshin Impact players.
My best guess is that a few teachers or standardized tests are still explicitly requesting the TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus, because that's what they're familiar with.
I would recommend getting a TI-84 Plus over a TI-83 Plus anyway.
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