Hello everyone.
As some of you might know, I'm rewriting the complete TINET project to make it more efficient and use Acagliano's and CommandBlockGuy's lwip-ce project.

Currently, progress has been going good with a basic website, login, register and a dashboard.
If you already had an account, look in your e-mail (also look in spam) for an email coming from accounts@tinet.tkbstudios.com, there you will find your username and your new password Razz

This is the URL of TINET: https://tinet.tkbstudios.com/

If the website asks you for a username and password in a popup, I enabled admin authentication because I'll be probably testing something.

The version at time of posting s 1.0.0-rewriteBETA

Please let me know if anything doesn't work as expected Smile
just brought out V1.3.0-rewriteOpenBETA
I added API key authentication and more!
You can also download your keyfile!

Here are the API docs: https://tinetswagger.tkbstudios.com/swagger/

I hope you'll like it Razz
where the TINET client? Confused
You can have a video tutorial or introduction to make it more accessible to users.
Oh, I see they have actual lan or wlan for internet communication, but what's doing the all the work translating all the data if there's no middleman? Is there a like a new program or is it still TInet.8xp still?
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