Hello! I finally got a nice calculator Laughing It's an used FX-CG10 with code 755AW14MA083056!

I found info on Wikiprizm how to interpret that: https://prizm.cemetech.net/index.php/Product_ID_Information

So, it's a CG10, made in April 2011, 83056th Prizm made! Very Happy

I have a few questions regarding the calculator:

1. What's the best OS version to be ran? Mine is still on v01.02.200. If we take a look here, that's the first version released. https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_list.php?order=date&cat=OS+cprizm#files

2. Since mine is the old version and it's unsafe to overclock, does this mean I shouldn't even run community written programs on it? And, can I run all of them from ? The ones here: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/browse/prizm

3. In this topic TeamFX shared pictures of the components causing issues, but the pictures are gone from hosting now. Does anyone have the pictures? https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=234487#234487

4. Regarding the TeamFX component pictures, does replacing those components fix the brick?

5. If the reccomended OS version is 3.10+, can the white menu background be changed back to black from white?

6. Any tips what should I put on the calculator? I'm new, no ideas Very Happy

7. P.S. Since mine is used, I got it for really cheap, $15 total. But, the screen has a few very small barely noticable scratches, should I try to polish them with toothpaste, has anyone tried? Very Happy

Thanks people! Graphing Calculator
1. I think you should update to the latest (3 series) if possible, but I don't own an fx-CG10 so I don't know if it supports that.
2. AFAIK most apps won't automatically overclock. Games might? But I don't think I've ever used any.
3. I have no idea. It probably won't brick itself.
5. OS 3 should have a white background...
6. I recommend getting a CAS if you are allowed one, Eigenmath or the new-ish KhiCAS are good.
7. No idea.
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