If anyone is unfamiliar with the original Game & Watch handhelds, please look it up.
If anyone is unfamiliar with Minecraft, I dont even know what to say, other than this post may not interest you.
I am currently mocking up a minecraft-style game with the graphics and style of a classic game and watch handheld. I am lucky enough to own one or two of these peices of history, and have loved their quirky charm for a very long time.
Here is my gameplan:
1. Make some drawings and mockups of what it would look like and how to get the complex gameplay of Minecraft into static lcd frames and gameboy-style controls or simpler.
2. Make a physical model of the best mockup to see how it holds/make changes.
3. Buy electronics parts to build a "bad" mockup (not actual lcd, not handheld)
4. If I get this far, I will see about making custom lcds and maybe even a pcb and case, making a small quantity of them to have, give away, or even sell.

Of course, I would love a lot of feedback as I go, so however far I get is the best it can be!
I will post some pictures of what the lcd frames would be, and maybe the case design. I have a few ideas, based on actual Game & Watch designs.
Cyall soon!
Cool, Game & Watch typically have a few static frames of gameplay that increase in speed over time ... I wonder what you could do to tie it to MC?

Obviously mob dodging or something, perhaps mining through blocks dodging lava? Potentially collecting the missing ingredient to complete a random crafting recipe?
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