Whenever I run Ion or MirageOS, some of the columns on the home screen are offset, and when I run a game, it flickers. Can someone help me?
Firstly, as Kerm would tell you, you should be using Doors CS 7 DoorsCS 7 instead of MirageOS. It has many more features than MirageOS.

Anyways, does it do this at any other time?
1. No, it doesn't happen when I'm just using the TI-83+ normally and also when I'm using BASIC games. and 2. I'm using the TI-83 Plus if that helps, and I'm pretty sure that DoorsCS was for the CSE.
DoorsCSE is for the CSE. DoorsCS is for the 83+/SE/84+.

But anyway, this is a known issue with newer hardware revisions. They changed the LCD a little which means you can't ask it anymore if it is ready to receive a new command, leading to garbled LCD contents. There is a patched version of DoorsCS floating around, but it lacks TI-BASIC libraries. (but it's compatible with Ion and MirageOS programs, so you can use it instead of those) I thought Kerm said he was going to get around to adding the TI-BASIC libraries at some point too... Anyway, that link should work.
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I tested it a couple of months ago, and it seemed to mostly work fine (see https://github.com/KermMartian/Doors_CS_7/pull/1). I haven't had the time to finish my testing and publish, but it's "close".
If you combine the current DCS7 source (with the update to fix the libraries) with the changes from Runer's pull request and build it, it should work fine and have the libraries. I did that myself on my newer LCD calc and have had no issues using the resulting build.
Doors CS 7.4 should do the trick for your needs.
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