I have created a custom docker container containing all the tools needed for PrizmSDK, this includes

  • binutils 2.39
  • gcc 12.2.0
  • libfxcg 0.5.2

It is currently possible to compile the utilities addin from gbl08ma within the container.
For more information, you can go to the GitHub repo, PrizmSdkDocker.
I'm not a docker user, but this seems like a good project to get people started with the PrizmSDK.
Thank you so much - I managed to compile sample and utilities on both MacBook and Windows. Thank you. Gbl08ma’s original makefiles refer to common instead of toolchain folder for some reason but after fixing that and removing activity strip options utilities compiled Smile
I couldn’t figure out how to compile his eigenmath and imageviewer still - I wonder if it possible please
I guess I should mention that GCC 12 on the (x86_64) host has a pretty serious bug which causes it to miscompile the SuperH cross-compiler. The GCC 11 cross-compiler builds fine but the GCC 12 cross-compiler doesn't work and produces mostly unusable assembler. It took me a while to figure it out, so better safe than sorry I guess.

The GCC bug is tracked here. Since the docker image here uses Debian bullseye which is still on GCC 10 there is no problem, but some distributions like Arch already ship GCC 12 on the host, so if you plan to update your cross-compiler now you know.
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