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CETris aims to be a fully featured Tetris game for the 84CE, with the eventual goal of have as customization as possible mechanically and graphically. Current updates are focused more on functionality than graphics, but eventually a more graphically polished version is intended to be released. The game is fully playable in it's current state, so if you just want to play the game, go ahead!

Current version (v0.5) features:
    Functioning game
    Super Rotation System
    Hold piece
    Bag randomizer
    Six modes: Marathon, Retro, Dig/Excavate, Sprint, Cascade, Dig Challenge
    Four block themes
    Button configuration and repeat settings
    Saving highscore, theme, and button information
    Piece preview
    Standard scoring, including T-Spin and back-to-back scoring
    Standard speed curve

Future plans (v0.6+):
    Graphical improvements (adding a background, nicer menu, scoring notifications, etc.)
    Additional modes: Ultra, Custom
    Support for more block types
    Probably bug fixes
    Better documentation of code & data
    Eventually, some form of editor for creating graphics/theme packs

The current releases and source code are available here: https://github.com/Minxrod/CETris

Here's a video of v0.5:

Tools used: Notepad++, SPASM, CEmu, convbin

That's it. If you have an 84CE, please consider testing this and offering feedback. Thank you! Smile

Old post heading, Oct. 2019 wrote:

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to go to a 24 hour hackathon, and because it seemed like a good idea, I made a version of Tetris for the 84CE. Specifically, CETris aims to be more modern than Tetric A, which really means I just wanted to implement the Super Rotation System (https://tetris.wiki/SRS) and a hold option. I only got as far as making a demo with slightly odd rotations and the hold function for the hackathon, but I'm working on improving this to be a more polished, finished program.
So, update time!

The new version includes many improvements to the menu and user-customization, as well as a large speed boost! (Not drawing the entire game every frame speeds it up. Who knew?)

This release includes a few different game modes: Marathon, Retro (no SRS, no hold, no hard drop, etc.), Line Race (once high scores are implemented, this will be timed instead of scored), Dig and Excavate, which are won by clearing the bottom row.

The menu controls are in the readme, but the important ones are these: 2nd is confirm, Alpha is back, left/right are used when selecting a number (like the starting level).

You can select a few different styles of blocks, but they aren't yet saved on exit.

Saving and high-scores are planned for the next update.

Anyways, please try it out and enjoy! If you encounter any strange bugs, please report them here or on github: https://github.com/Minxrod/CETris/
Saving/Highscores are now implemented! The save contains your button repeat speeds, current theme, and a high score per game setting/mode. (Might change this to include more info, not entirely sure how best to save scores yet.)

Some fixes/changes
Modes are now not reset after every game, so grinding one mode is now much easier.
Level also defaults back to one instead of increasing based on the last game.
Lock delay increased from 5 frames to 30 frames - the 5 frames was a holdover from when this still ran at probably 10 frames/sec. Now, the game should feel much more playable without near-instant locks. Note that hard drop is still an instant lock, and this likely won't change.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you ran an earlier, non-release version that creates an 81 byte save file, DELETE THE SAVE APPVAR (CETrisSV). This version does not have a check for whether the variable found is the right size or not, since it doesn't affect any release versions, but if you compiled a different version that created an 81 byte save file you need to delete it or risk corruption from writing past the end of the save. This DOES NOT affect any released version.

As always, please leave feedback and bugs either here or on github: https://github.com/Minxrod/CETris/
Sounds great man, it would be a good idea to include some screenshots in your post to allow people to easier see how this project is coming along. It's hard to tell what the most up to date screenshot is from your GD link.
Warning to anyone who has tried this: Don't run this with the save file unarchived.

I was using a old/bad check for whether or not the variable was in RAM that apparently never worked, so it might corrupt something if your save isn't in archive. It works as expected if you keep the save file in archive, which is what the program tries to do anyways, just be careful. This should be resolved in the next update.
This looks good so far, keep it up.
Loving the video added to the first post - the speed is great!
I agree; the speed makes this look pretty sweet Smile
CEtris v0.5 update: Some new stuff! Most interestingly is the piece preview, which is finally done and the main reason I took too long to finish this update. You can now see the next 6 pieces on the right of the board. This update also fixes a save bug, where if you had unarchived the save file it would cause problems - now, CETris will properly load and re-archive the file for you on exit.

    Cascade mode: When you clear a line, blocks fall down and clear more lines.
    Dig challenge: Rising garbage. How many lines can you clear before the garbage pushes too high?
    CETrisDT appvar: All graphics and menu data is now stored in a separate data appvar, CETrisDT. This is required to use the program.
    Piece preview: You can see upcoming pieces
    Control config: you can set what buttons to use for in-game actions. (Menu controls might be added later) Controls are saved to the save file, so you shouldn't need to reset them often.

    Save glitch fixed
    Fixed highscore not being handled/displayed properly sometimes
    Scoring in general has been updated to better match the standard scoring, and now implements t-spins and back-to-back bonuses.
    Line Race has been renamed to Sprint (No gameplay differences).
    Speed curve updated for accuracy to standard

Note: Due to scoring changes and modes being moved around, please delete your old save file. Otherwise you'll probably have scores that don't match the modes you obtained them in.

Download for release is on github, and as usual, please offer feedback and report bugs either here or on github: https://github.com/Minxrod/CETris/
It has been a while since the last update, but that's not to say that nothing was done. Mostly internal changes, but there are a couple of quality of life improvements and new features in this update as well:


    Many internal changes to how graphics are handled - in general, you can do more and it's faster now. The game no longer renders everything twice, so you have more time to draw interesting things, such as the...
    Ghost piece - now you can a darker version of the current shape to see where it is going to land.
    More themes - there are 8 new block themes. And to go with this...
    Theme preview - Now, when you select a theme, you can see it in the menu instead of needing to start a game. Use it to see all the new block designs!

    Garbage blocks are now red. (They might be changed back to gray/made theme-able later.)
    Color palette has been overall improved, and made more consistent.
    Source has been split into multiple files

I have several plans for the next update, mostly mechanical changes. Current plans are to
    Implement spawn delay
    Implement move reset (to prevent endless stalling)
    Decrease lock delay beyond level 20, to make endless much harder
    Finally add a countdown/ultra mode (Time attack)
    Make ghost piece either optional or mode dependent

We'll see if I finish before another couple of years pass... here's hoping!

If you have any feedback, bug reports, or comments, leave them here or on github: https://github.com/Minxrod/CETris/
Very nice! I was really hoping you'd come back to this. The rendering changes sound particularly nice, especially the addition of the ghost blocks.

Any screenshots to share? I'm interested to see the different block themes you've come up with.
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