I am working on a program that will send the state of the keyboard through the link cable. I am getting a strange error, and I can't find anything about on the sites I have searched. I am getting ERR:BREAK when I run the program, which I have deduced happens when the program tries to run "b_call(_SendPacket)". The rest of the code works, and when I take out that single line, it does everything else it is supposed to, displaying the state of the keyboard as a string.
This is my first assembly program, so I only know what I have read on tutorials and forums (and the start and keyloop sections were copy/pasted from here). If anyone has any tips or pointers I would greatly appreciate them.


; Program Name: Key Dump
; Author(s): Willllllliam
; Description: Sends the current state of the keyboard through the link cable.

#include "ti83plus.inc"

   .org userMem-2
   .db $BB,$6D

    ld hl,$9872 ;the current state of the keyboard will be saved to these 7 bytes
    ld bc,$0701  ;repeat 7 times
    ld de,$FEFF ;d = $FE (%11111110, reads first bit), e = $FF (resets the keyboard)
    out (c),e  ;output $FF to port 1 to reset keyboard
    out (c),d  ;
    rlc d ;shift d left one bit, now we have the next scan group byte in d
    ; i'm not sure if you'll need a longer delay here or not, you might need a couple filler instructions here
    ini ;decs b and reads a byte from port c and stores it to (hl), then incs hl.
    jp nz,keyloop
   ld hl, $9872
   ld (iMathPtr5), hl ;address of data to be sent
   ld hl, $7315
   ld (header), hl ;start of packet 1 (Machine ID byte, Command ID byte)
   ld hl, $0700
   ld (header+2), hl ;start of packet 2 (Size)
   ld hl, $9872

Also, quick FYI about this program, it is designed to run on a loop, which I have implemented in a separate TI-BASIC program for simplicity.
I'm not aware of the bcall, however it looks like you're setting size to $0700, which is 1792 bytes and not 7?
@tr1p1ea Thank you for catching that. I fixed it. (The error still happens, though)
Where have you obtained your information on SendPacket? Just from WikiTi? https://wikiti.brandonw.net/index.php?title=83Plus:BCALLs:4ED6

It notes that it expects some flags to be set up. It's also always good to have an error handler installed when performing any link related tasks.
Yes, I found it on WikiTi. I thought that the flags might have been the issue, but I couldn't find any information on how the flags should be set up. Where would I find an error handler? I am unfortunately on Mac, by the way.
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