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This is a fun, and huge map.
It comes with a 2 references, one with the answers and one with out.

Map was made by me, of course.

The best way to have fun with this map, is to spawn Flares,
and to change the jetpack to about 150 (thats the most effeciant number).

You get the sky textures, the ground textures, the .ter .mis files, and the .png preview.
Extract it in the folder with blockland.exe in it
(for the newbs that dont know what there doing Wink )

Its a very fun map and I hope you enjoy it.

Screeny Very Happy ...

Hope you all like it, post some feed back! Thanks Razz

Maze 1.2
Maze 1.0

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KermMartian wrote:
The new things are less fog, lowered walls, and platforms at the start and end
Shock How long did you spend on the maze?
Hosting a server now. We'll see how it ends up being; from the screenie it looks like you did a good job with it.
kk, cool. Cant wait to hear your opinions Razz

Harq wrote:
Shock How long did you spend on the maze?

Too long *wipes sweat* Laughing

It was fun to make though. I need to add the platforms, its lonely right now Razz. The walls are all like 50-100 foot high Surprised

0x5 Hope you like it, have you tried it yet?
Did you use a brush to do this? Or did you use a height map or something?
Mostly a height map, but I did do alot with the brushes.
holy toledo man, good work
Verdict: nice job, especially for DMs. I found that I had to increase fog distance and sun ambient intensity before I really started enjoying it. I also started a race with Harq to see who could find the exit first without jetting, but unfortunately he needed to leave before we finished the race.
Ok thanks. The fog and abience were set to give it a more erry look. But if its better that way then I can change it around a bit.
Do you think you could help me with map editing any this weekend? I am trying to learn but I am having some trouble (I have the terrain hard/soft brushes and the texturing with brushes, but I need some help with other stuff)
this map looks good, but I do thing the walls are a tad tall (but my opinion).
rivereye wrote:
this map looks good, but I do thing the walls are a tad tall (but my opinion).
I agree. And Harq, I'd be happy to give you a hand with modelling; just shoot me a Skype, AIM, or PM anytime you need something.
Same, I might be able to help you too. I cant help you with interiors. But definatly the F11 editor.
Interiors aren't really that hard. The most challenging part of interiors is becoming familiar with the rather nonstandard interface of the QuArK editor.
Just released 1.2

Check the first post of this topic for the dload.
So the new things are less fog, lowered walls, and platforms at the start and end? Got any new screenshots?
Not atm, I am not at home. I will be soon, and should be able to post that, work on my sig for a bit and goto bed early. 0x5. Should have some up around 5:30-50pm Central Smile
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