So initially my ti 84 plus ce was showing up and then I went to look at the files and it said it was in use or whatever. So I ram rested took the battery out and put it back. I tested the cord with my ti 84 plus and it worked fine. I uninstalled Ti connect CE and reinstalled it and now it doesn't show the calculator at all but it is connected to the computer and shows up under devices. So I thought maybe because it was renamed that had something to do with it but I set the name to default and it still didn't work so... I'm here. 😢
What is the revision number of your Ti-84 Plus CE? I know that on Chrome OS, it is just the opposite. I can connect me TI-84 Plus CE to it but not my cousin's TI-84 Plus.
Edit I can now use my Calc with tilp2 on my rpi4 snd it works fine so I have no idea what's wrong. But at least I can still use my Calc now also if you want tilp2 on a rpi just install pi-apps and run the install for tilp2.
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