Hi everyone,

I need help installing Pineapple CAS on my TI 84 plus CE and I need
documentation on how to use it too.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you,
What do you need help with in particular when installing it? Are you looking for a way to transfer it to your calculator or are you getting errors like ERR:INVALID?

Someone should duplicate this topic six times and copy-paste it in every single sub-fora... er no don't do that just delete the duplicate topic xd
Hi DJ Omnimaga,

I'm at work and will respond after work.

I own a TI 84 plus CE Python btw w/the 5.6.1 OS.....I hope that doesn't botch things for me.
I bought it with that OS pre-installed sir.

I don't know how to execute it to run it and then how and where to plug in variable values and other mathematical values in the coded formulas.

Thank you sir,

P.S. Where can I contribute financially to that and other fine software made here?
Oh, there we go it's exactly what I thought! TI screwed us over with 5.5.x and higher, so if you wanna run Pine-à-Paul CAS or anything else that was written in assembly, C or ICE language, then you will need to install ArTIfiCE jailbreak, which is compatible with your OS.


And then what you should do is either launch the Cesium shell installer from the ArTIfiCE menu or jacobly's ASMHOOK program, so that you don't need to visit ArTIfiCE menu everytime you want to use the CAS software.

I never used Pineapple CAS, though, so I won't be able to help you about its usage.
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