Hello everyone, I understand that I'm off topic here, but I would like to know if there are experts in minecraft modding here. I just didnít play with mods, and then they advised me a couple, I would like to know if I, as a beginner, can handle them. If you don't mind of course.
Minecraft mods are definitely a fun twist to the game but your question isn't something anyone can really tell you. You know your limits and abilities better than any one person online. If any of us are familiar with modded Minecraft versions, we could maybe summarize the gameplay and let you figure out if it's a fit.

I am not familiar with any modded Minecraft versions, but I'd suggest you play through vanilla Minecraft and get familiar with it since the core of the game is very much similar.

Thaumic Tinkerer Mod wrote:
The intent is to add fresh, and valuable items you can create, using the knowledge you have acquired from the vanilla Thaumcraft researches.

What you have linked is actually an add-on for the Thaumcraft mod. It gives you 18 additional "things you can research." So I'd only suggest this mod if you have played Thaumcraft first and want more content.
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