I'd try this, but I only have Office XP - wonder if it'll work in OpenOffice? lol
Haha, that's uberpwnsome. I'm definitely going to try that out later on one of the school computers, which have Excel (I too have OpenOffice), and see how terribly badly this lags.
I'm a little curious how old it is as it only says it works on Excel 97 and 2000 - I'm hoping it'll work on newer versions as well...
I tried this once, but I forgot how it worked. This has been out for ~5 years(that I have known of).
somehow I doubt that works in OOo
elfprince13 wrote:
somehow I doubt that works in OOo

Oh, I doubt it will aswell, as I'm gussing its using Excel's built in VB, but I can dream Very Happy
I opened it in Open Office, and it just said that there were macros in it (can vb be in macros?).
it is in VBA (the built in one) and macros for excel are usually in VBA.

Also, that should work with any version of Office that supports VBA (i know m$ was planning to remove support at one point)
well, I have office 2003, and I think it is still in there. When I saw it, I knew it had to be VBA.
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