warning: silly humor
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It is, in fact, an adventure game. Not much game in it right now though.


Some images of functionality is attached.

(Theres way more than that, but dont wanna spoil it for you Smile )

Oh, and also, in the screenshots CEmu ate half the performance (not exagurating, my irl calc literally did the same thing in 50% the time Graphing Calculator Good Idea .) Cant tell ya why either, does this for all TI-BASIC.

Game Basics


Included with the download of OINKVENT is, in the (spaghetti) code, an explainer on what you need to edit to make your own maps! Not very good explainer, but the game is called oinkvent what did you expect

Controls? Take em all!

2nd & Alpha - 'Interacts'; 2nd with the tile you are standing on, Alpha with the tile you are facing towards
Arrow keys - Movement. The direction you move in is also the direction which you face towards. (Eg. move left, you look left.)
Mode - Use item in inventory
Del - Drop item
Clear - Exit Game
Stat - Display info about your character

Anyway, this is a project I did a while ago, archived, forgot existed. I just polished up some of the code today, 'tis a silly thing. Might work on it later, maybe no, I- I still have CALCCIV being worked on. So, idk.


Github here
When I try to give an Oink to the door I get an ERR:DOMAIN.
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
When I try to give an Oink to the door I get an ERR:DOMAIN.

Oh. That WAS a bug, must have put the wrong version on the github.

EDIT: NVM, I am big silly (thats why I can make big silly game) and I fixed a bug in the code, and forgot I re-used that code multiple times. I'll put out a patch tommorow, as its night now, but easy fix, just press mode once after you start the game.

EDIT 2: Bug fix game good
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