Brief Overview

This is a game where you drive a car around the screen, aiming to keep it in the shade and prevent it from overheating. I know, it's a really weird concept and I totally should've done this back for that Cemetech Contest about heat, but here it is! And before you start complaining, yes there is literally no point to this. I still don't really know why I made it in the first place.



▪ Unlockable Cars
▪ Hidden Easter Eggs and References
▪ Awesome Car Sprites by EduSilvArt
▪ 256 Days of Gameplay (Not real days, in game days Razz)


Basically, the game is almost done, but I'm also looking for suggestions if anybody has any ideas! I'm also planning to improve some of the graphics, since there's still some stuff that I think looks pretty ugly. Here's a link to the GitHub if you want to check out the source code: GitHub Repository
Despite the "weird concept," this does look like an interesting game and I'm interested in trying it when you release it (or before 😉). Good job, TIny! How long until you think you'll release it?
This is what could have helped extinguish the bus fire in Desert Bus 2 for the TI-84 Plus CE when it was stuck in the desert... assuming a firetruck arrived fast enough.

Anyway this looks interesting. How do you plan to increase difficulty over time?
Looks cool!

Ideas, if you want them:
- Powerups
- Different weathers based on the day; either mostly overcast, partly cloudy, or mostly sunny
— Avoid shade on rainy days because of acid rain
- Predictability for shade movement (arrows to indicate its next movement in like one second)
Thanks for the ideas! They're all really good, and I think they'll fit into the game well!

As for the release date, I'm not sure yet! I'm basically done with the "skeleton" of the game, but I'd like to continue to add a few more things before I'm done.

Good question, DJ! I've been doing a little working around trying to get difficulty set up, but I'm not quite done yet. Right now, the car heats up faster the higher the number of days, but I've also entertained the idea of making days longer instead, especially if I add different weather (which would obviously affect the speed of the heat).

Thanks for all the support everyone!
There could be levels set in the Winter with patches of ice on the ground making it harder to control the car (or impossible to control until the sheet of ice have been crossed) or snow that slows you down.
I've worked on adding different weather (which is random) with some different effects, though I'm going to add more in the future. Right now, you'll cool down and heat up differently in different weather, and the pond will freeze in colder weather, causing you to lose control while you drive on it.

Here's some eye candy:

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