What was the best completed project of April 2021?
Amogus: The consequences of humor for the TI-83+/TI-84+
 13%  [ 2 ]
Cemetech PreMID Presence
 13%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Tiny Jumper
 73%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 15

In an error to catch up with our PotMs, here's April 2021! As per usual, there were a lot of great projects from the community, especially with the school year drawing to a close.
  • A dragon on the CE!: This month, Privacy_Dragon made some great progress on the program, a dragon-life simulator for the CE. Now, the dragon can move around the screen like it's flying, and even breathe fire! Check out the thread for the latest updates.

  • Alien Breed 5 Episode III: Impact: This month, JamesV made some great progress on his awesome top-down space-themed shooter for the CE. Some new features include transitions, animations, the HUD, and many bug fixes and other additions. There was a beta released this month as well. Be sure to read through the thread and show JamesV some support!

  • Amogus: The consequences of humor for the TI-83+/TI-84+: Oxiti8 announced and released a new game this month, set in the aftermath of the fiery CC25 and featuring text-based, story-focused gameplay. There's a download link and more information in the thread.

  • BasicNote CE Progress Thread: Michael2_3B made some updates to his longtime notes editor for the CE, including a clock, date and time information for notes, note (un)locking, various quality of life improvements, and bug fixes.

  • BOS (OS+ROM) for CEmu: beckadamtheinventor made some great improvements to BOS this month, including garbage collect, all-around better performance, and bug fixes and improvements. Check out the thread for the latest details on this custom CE OS!
  • BTD Remake: Frederik made some progress on his BTD remake this month, fixing some bugs in preparation for future updates to the program. Read through the thread for the latest updates on the program.
  • Cemetech PreMID Presence.: KnightsWhoSayNi made a "rich presence" for Cemetech this month, which allows one to broadcast detailed information about activity on the site, for use on Discord and other platforms. Check out the thread for a Github repository to the project!

  • Cesium: MateoConLechuga this month worked on gathering information on USB drives that are known to work or not work with Cesium, to improve compatibility with the USB explorer feature of the shell. Check out the thread for the latest updates!
  • Designer bug report: Frederik made some improvements to his graphic design tool for the CE calculators this month, including faster keypresses. Read through the thread and show Frederik some support for this awesome project if you haven't already!
  • Dragonbot, a discord bot I am making: Privacy_Dragon this month opened up the use of Dragonbot to anyone, and promises to continue adding new reactions to Dragonbot over time. Be sure to check out the thread and show your support!
  • DuckHunt Development [C]: Alvajoy123 this month set up a Trello board for the DuckHunt game. Check out the thread for more details and updates!
  • Gouraud Shading Routine for CE (plus plans for the future): Zaalane this month planned out some improvements to this 3D rendering program, including implementing an object-based layout for the program as well as some palette improvements. Check out the thread for more information and some screenshots from previous months.
  • HASHLIB - Cryptography Library for the CE: ACagliano this month completed the RSA algorithm for the program in C, as well as making plans for a future rewrite in assembly. Check out the thread for more information, and show ACagliano some support for this awesome program!
  • Is it worth to upload this game?: DAVID-19 this month worked on a new game, titled FallingTiles, in which the player must dodge tiles that fall from the top of the screen. Be sure to try out the game and show the author some support!

  • Jetpack Joyride for the TI-84 Plus CE: King Dub Dub this month made some great progress on Jetpack Joyride, making a plan for how to reduce the RAM usage of the program, which will in turn better compatibility, stop crashing, and more. Be sure to check out the thread for more updates and some great screenshots!
  • Mario Kart CE - TI-84+CE Mode7 test (previously CSE): tr1p1ea this month made some slow progress on Mario Kart CE-be sure to check out the thread for progress updates and a download link for a pre-release version of the program!
  • Math Finder Dev Thread: jake01756 created a setup wizard for Math Finder, which is intended to introduce the user to the program as well as ensure OS compatibility with its features. Check out the thread for more information, and show the author some support!

  • Ricardo's game (rpg ive wanted to make for a long time): Wavejumper3 this month worked on a new RPG, called Ricardo's Game. Most of the main story and program are already done, and some progress was also made on an opening cutscene for the program. Be sure to check out the thread and show wavejumper3 some support!
  • RoulCE: ZebraVogel created a small update for RoulCE this month, adding the abiliity to replay the game without restarting the program and improving the code.

  • srldrvce: commandblockguy made a post about a rewrite of srldvce this month, which is a library for the CE for interacting with USB serial devices. Additionally, he made some decisions about the API with the intent of reducing bugs in user programs. The program has some great implications for CE programming and functionality, so look at the thread and Github page for more details.
  • T8r Dress-up Flash Game: TaterTomorrow started a game in Flash this month, in which the user can dress a potato in various types of clothes and customize it in different ways (yes, you read that correctly). There's more information in the thread.
  • Tiny Jumper: RoccoLox Programs uploaded a cool new game for the CE calculators this month, a speedrunning platformer game with smooth gameplay, customizable colors, and much more. There's a link to a Google Sheet containing the best times on each level on the thread, so see if you can beat the fastest Cemetech members!

  • Two-player Pong/Breakout mashup: Candledark this month (although that's up for debate, it was uploaded at 2 AM on May 1 according to my timestamp) made some great progress on this game, which is a mix between Breakout and Pong. A level editor was added, which should allow for some strategic and fun play of the game once it's released. Go show Candledark some support!

  • VAPOR - CE Software Update Mirror and Service Host: ACagliano updated Vapor CE this month, adding new features such as the ability to change settings, see all files the program has downloaded, automatic updates and restart (if the main program was updated), as well as file verification using HASHLIB, another one of ACagliano's projects. Check out the thread for more information on this revolutionary project!
  • Xlibc Color Picker: RoccoLox Programs made a few new updates for the Xlibc Color Picker this month, including some GUI improvements and a new dark mode! It's a great tool for CE programmers, so be sure to give it a download and the thread a look.
  • Zeldish: Justin this month provided some more information on Zeldish, a Zelda clone/remake for the CE. While the project hasn't received any updates for a while (since 2019), there are some new screenshots and information on it in the thread.

  • [BETA] prgmTRANSFER - CE variable transfer program: jacobly released a public beta of a variable transfer program for the CE this month. It allows the transferring and viewing of files on a calculator without the need for any other software, such as TI-Connect CE or TILP. It's very useful, so go try it out and show jacobly some support!
  • [On Hold] VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 this month continued work on VYSION 2 CE, a shell for the CE. While no major progress was made, the GUI library behind the shell (OPTIX 3) was improved, and the rewrite of the shell itself was started. Check out the thread for more information and updates!
  • [PAUSED] Xenon Development [C]: Alvajoy123 this month detailed plans for Xenon CE development in the future, including the nature of the program, which is split into command-line and GUI parts. There are some great screenshots and progress updates in the thread, so be sure to read through it if you haven't already.
  • [TI84+CE] Virtual3D : A full assembly 3D engine: TheMachine02 made some further progress this month on Virtual3D, an incredibly impressive full 3D engine for the CE calculators. The progress this month centered around optimization and the implementation of mip-mapping. Be sure to show the author some support for this slick program!

That's all from me. You can vote for your favorite project in the poll above; see you in the May 2021 PotM!
Nice work on this, epsilon! There's definitely a few things here I want to try out.

Also, I should really finish that big BasicNote update... thanks for the reminder!
I'm glad there are still that many projects especially for calculators. Hopefully they get finished and/or resumed. Smile

I still also have a few old projects on my hard drive and other backups that I could revive at some point.
Thanks for putting this together, epsilon! I continue to be amazed at the number of high-quality projects coming out the community.
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