I'll give you that. I was with Incognito Networks (and still should be), but I don't know if a domain would really be worth it though, I had very little trafic to my site. What would you think though?
why don't you atleast move rivereye.net to a subdomain, they are free, i could provide a user account on my homeserver, a database user, and a few mysql databases
I have an offer from Kevin (not xlibman) for hosting if I want to take it up, plus xlibman is trying to talk me into UTI hosting if I close rivereye.net. Chances are though that if I close the doors though, it would take some talking into for me to get the site back up. Maybe my provider will renew the domain though, than it will stay open, otherwise close (unless you really want to see it stay open, but I haven't seen the real need to, the only people who ever really visit anymore besides myself is Jincs and BFR on an occasion, once in a while BCTurk, but that is about it.
if you close, can i take it over and add to it, i would like to keep the site up, and use parts of it on my site, or just make it my site, and then add to it
if you wanted it to stay, why were you not an active poster then lately?
because i forget to, i should post some of my announcements there also, i will do that soon
uh, with the site down, I would like to see how you could post that stuff.
wasn't there an alternate way to access it, someip/~rivereye/ i forget the ip, and i forgot, sorry
there is, but it doesn't like any folders for some odd reason on it, so only the root.
ah, ok
Sounds like your host may have just let their servers gather dust and aren't doing maintenance for some reason. I know that calc.org (hosted by itmom.net) ran into the exact same problem.
it may be. Maybe I just change hosts and see what happens, but I need a place to put my files really.
rivereye wrote:
it may be. Maybe I just change hosts and see what happens, but I need a place to put my files really.

surpasshosting.com - w00t. I love the service I've gotten from there Smile
I am tired of paying money for a domain (sorry if I sound cheap here), that, and I don't have $65 lying around to spend on my website.
The domain is the cheap part, at a mere $5/year Laughing - but there are alternatives, such as .no-ip.org subdomains

I enjoy the convenience of a web server, even if I don't have a "site" there per se, but it is understandable to not want to shell out $60 each year for a site that you aren't using much
yeah, why I won't buy one for now. And just checking my email, Incognito Networks was just bought out, so now I have new people to a around with.
You don't HAVE to buy the domain from the same provider, you can quite easily switch to another domain provider

switching hosts is, obviously, a bit more work, but if you get a month overlap, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to copy the site and do an SQL dump/transfer with something like phpMyAdmin - and then just switching the domain after everything is copied

Not that I'm pushing you or anything, I myself never really went to rivereye.net - just giving possible alternatives Smile

I noticed your $65 estimate - did you perchance notice the OC5 shared plan? http://www.surpasshosting.com/ocplans.php - thats what I got Smile although not much of a savings, as its still $59, but there are surely other cheaper hosts that are reliable aswell?
problem with the domain is that is technically no longer available for anyone (godaddy and Incognito both tell me that), and the $65 came right off of their site, but $59 is still a tad high for my budget.
rivereye wrote:
problem with the domain is that is technically no longer available for anyone (godaddy and Incognito both tell me that)

Thats because you still have a chance to renew it with your current domain provider (you might have to call them)

yeah, the question then lies with on how do I manage to do that on their site?
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