I figured it might be enlightening to share some of what I work on in the site backend, so I'm going to try to post some things here when I'm doing stuff.

I've been working on a completely new forum implementation. Most of the pieces (particularly the data model) are in place but not polished, as long as you only want to read the contents of the forum and not post- I haven't started implementing anything that allows users to post or even edit posts yet.

Conveniently, the United-TI archives are a read-only forum that makes for a handy test lab. I figure I'll implement read-only forum things and we can start using it for real on the UTI archives, then work on making things mutable and migrate over the real forum.

Most recently I've been implementing support for things like handling user avatars and tracking post counts, with a small detour into generating semi-random avatars for users who don't specify one.

The prototype view of a thread looks something like this at the moment:

You can see that BBCode is handled nicely and it has some autogenerated avatars (since the UTI forum archives lack them), but the presentation is largely unpolished yet.
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