I finally updated my C libs and loaded this on my calculator and I enjoy what I see so far. I hope to see more interactivity with the environment in future versions. I liked the electrical obstacles and the fact that invisible passages are supported. Smile
Progress Update

I am happy to announce that the first installation in the S.A.M.M. series, Status: Online; Location: Unknown, will soon be ready for release!
Wow loving the hype! Game looks awesome Smile.
Sweet looking forward to playing this Smile
Thanks! Smile

The game will be released in small packs that progressively add more areas and rooms to previous ones. They will also include more upgrades that will allow you to access more sections of previously explored areas.

There is also a simple backstory for S.A.M.M. that I will post in two parts before the release on the game's site. The first part is already posted! Smile
Nice back story. at first i thought your page had a error...
Yay an upload to Cemetech Very Happy

MateoConLechuga downloads.
I didn't see this was released! I'm downloading on my calculator now. Smile
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