It appears that since some time very early this morning, my host has been experiencing downtime on the server on which Cemetech lives. About noon the site became once again accessible, but it seems to be operating quite slowly, and connections randomly time out during normal use. I have heard nothing about it from Jatol yet, but I assume they are aware of this issue and working to fix it. If Cemetech goes down again during the fix, you can visit me in the Cemetech subforum at TiFreakWare, where I would be hanging out. I'll keep updating this article as the problem progresses. Cheers.


That is a direct link, for anyone too lazy to find it. Wink You should book mark it just in case.
what happened to ??

anyway, it seems to working well again
tifreakware uses a IF board for forums, so it is all good. ( is a redirector to the IF forum) is *not* a redirector to the IF forum, it's simply a domain used by dyndns for redirecting traffic. You can have * domains go anywhere, not just IF.
I meant for that specific situation.
o.O That is why I couldn't get on at school today.
Seems to be going faster. Kerm, anything new?
Only the archives, which I have now split off into a separate thread in the website subforum. Glad this got resolved relatively quickyl.
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