Ans on the calc I have in front of me right now is: 76.83557394

Which is a % for something I was figuring out at work ... but I can't remember what anymore :S.

Anyone keen to post what their current Ans is?
Its from some testing with a new calculator that I was doing recently
On my 84+ SE, my Ans is 60. I have no idea where that number came from, and I'm not even sure when the last time I did actual math on it was.

On my 84+ CE, Ans is 123456789. I believe I was trying to find the best way to separate it into individual digits (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) for DX Ball CE, and I was just testing things out. I think I ended up scrapping that idea anyways.
-3 on my TI-84 Plus.

On CEmu:
TI-84+: 0
TI-84+ CSE: 117279.825
TI 84+ CE: 160

Should be obvious why.

LogicalJoe wrote:
This thread is stupid
(just after RAM reset, was playing Contagion and got crashed)
I'm disappointed, every calc I own that has batteries in it had 0 in it, except for the one that had {}.

I guess I just crash my calculators more often than I use them to do math, 0x5.
TI-36X Pro (B/"JT5CW8-002 11/10"): 0 (nothing calculated since intentional reset)
TI-80 (A/3.0): 0 (probably nothing calculated since inserting batteries)
TI-81 (pre-A/1.0): 0 (hack returns 0)
TI-81 (pre-A/1.1K): 0 (hack returns 0)
TI-81 (B/1.8K): 0 (hack returns 0)
TI-83 Plus (E/1.19): 0 (nothing calculated since reset)
TI-84 Plus CE (C/5.3.0): (fully off with RAM not saved)
TI-84 Plus CE (N/5.4.0): 605 (I have no idea, since I cleared the entries)
TI-89 Titanium (R/3.10): Error: Break (I wanted an expression entered but not repeated taking up space)
TI-92+ (A/2.09): (no entries)
Everything else: Batteries? What batteries?
This was kinda fun. Thanks for giving me an excuse to pull out all my calcs rather than go to sleep Laughing

30: 32/15 (was estimating an aspect ratio)
84: .9999833334 (was double checking a guy on Reddit was wrong)
84 CE: 0 (Recently crashed)
84 CE: 152 (No clue what this came from)
84 CE: 191 (Something related to an IP address)
84 CE Python: 6.6 (Random buttons got mashed in my bag)
HP Prime: 12 (Can't remember)
Nspire: 89.88 (Something related to statistics)
Other: {} (Recently errored)
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