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Doing research on how regular games do 3d would be very helpful. Looking at the around fifteen 3d games for techniques would also do well. If you are going to be looking at raycasting only look at Ionquest by Axcho. You will find no documentation on basic raycasting in the community other than minimal stuff here:http://kvince83.tengun.net/maxboard/viewtopic.php?p=50884&highlight=raycasting#50884 and here: http://kvince83.tengun.net/maxboard/viewtopic.php?p=45153&highlight=raycasting#45153

If you do have any questions just ask me. I think I'm going to make a raycasting game just to prove myself and others wrong.
Raycaster in BASIC works perfectly well, just really, really slowly. Smile Trust me, I've tried it. Remember Brix Builder?
I didn't say it doesn't work. It is very slow though Ionquests speed is impressive. Apparently he has even faster code that he promised to have to me by...yesterday. I'll have to remind him, I'm excited to see it.
Do you have any animated screenshots? I'd love to see what that looks like.
Doesn't look real good there's a couple still ones on ticalc though. I'll have to run it can record using...uh....do know of anything that can do animated screenshots on a mac?
Oh, nvm, I tried it:

Turns out it's textbased, but I don't see why graphical would be impossible.
rivereye wrote:
These rules here will be used for each Cemetech Contest here. All will apply unless explicetly said. I will add as I come up with them and from there

1. In order to enter, person must be a member of the Cemetech website.

So... what would be the definition of a "member"? Would anyone here with a user name count?
well, technically yes, maybe I should say a posting member, will have to discuss this with Kerm a tad bit more.

Also, due to my domain issue, I have not been able to think more on the contest, sorry.
Anyone who has been a member for at least a day and posted at least one post can be a part of the contest.
ok, that is how it will be classified then. Chances are though that we will not have that problem again though.
KermMartian wrote:
Oh, nvm, I tried it:

Turns out it's textbased, but I don't see why graphical would be impossible.

that actually looks like a pretty neat idea,

have you seen benryves javascript fps?
Of course, it's quite well done. Anyone not ok with having 3D be the contest theme?
not really, but I'm not fond of the raycasting tutorial that everyone suggests and it's like the first hit when googling. It doesn't click to easily for me.

edit: but this is basic anyways
Indeed it is. So I propose we get this contest underway, set an end date, etc.
Give us till the end of the month (before starting) Wink
Why, what happens at the end of the month? I'll probably make it a two-month contest then, ending at the new year. Will two months be long enough for everyone? Extra points if you make it DCS-optimized for the DCS6 release (if I make my deadline). Wink
I don't see why we couldn't do an immediate start to the contest. I guess we will go with 3D for now, BASIC only, but I will take some look on some ASM libs we might allow.
What is "DCS Optimized"?
as of right now, all I can tell is that you have the header in the program. I don't know if I will grade with the particular aspect in mind though.
The concept of raycasting isn't really all that complicated. All you need to know about the idea of it is really in the wikipedia article.

Having November and December would be nearly perfect. Even better, for me, would be December and January because of the TI-Freakware Contest. That would be fine though and should be enough time. I have to see what I want to do.
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