What type of programs?
 10%  [ 2 ]
 31%  [ 6 ]
 21%  [ 4 ]
 10%  [ 2 ]
 26%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 19

I already have my idea for a 3d contest and I am creating a 2d version now (easy to make a 2d version Laughing )

Anyone know any good examples of 3d corridor rendering?
My friend made a really cool 3d maze game with awesome graphics and good speed.

I still voted for mathprogram for several reasons.

1) I really like math
2) In my opinion, there aren't very many GOOD mathprograms available - most are just formula's put into a calculator and they don't actually do anything.
3) I could possibly submit MATHPROG 2.3
4) That's about all...

I don't know, 3d sounds kind of cool, as does an RPG game, but I stink at story lines and actual plot Sad

Oh well, time will tell...

Who else voted for mathprogram? Just kind of curious...

Actually, I have a really good idea for a puzzle game, based on a game on the internet called Pearls Before Swine where you are given rows of pearls, and you can remove as many as possible in a single row, but you don't want to be the one left with the last pearl. Very hard on higher levels of difficulty, and programming the AI would be quite fun.

However, I imagine that there is some place on the internet that has how to make the AI, so that might not be too good.

I have to go to bed now.
I don't know if I want to do a math program, everyone can do them. RPG might be a long contest, but others could be possible.
14 votes so far, and 3d is winning. I hope it wins, it could be a fun contest Wink

P.S. Maybe for the next contest we should have it where everyone does 1 game but we see who can implement it the best, like the sudoku contest
yeah, that might be easier to judge fairly. We shall see.
Strategy was a pretty broad topic, but 3d and most of the others would be easier to judge.
Personally, I think a math contest would be boring.
RPG would be cool, but it would take forever and people would lose interest.
3d would be freaking awesome, but it would be really hard. The last contest had 4 people in it... 3d would have even less. We need more members before we try that one.

Sidescroller and puzzle appear to me as the best two choices for this site at this time.
please do relize that just because something tops this poll doesn't mean I will choose it. I don't know if we are all quite ready for 3d graphics rendering, but it could be cool to see. Also, if you have any other suggestions, you should post them, and we can consider them also.
Good point.


Everyone put a link in the signature of every forum you visit to come to Cemetech for the contests!
If we get more people than these would be harder and even more fun!

That would be a good idea. I should post this stuff over at Omnimaga.
Harq wrote:
I already have my idea for a 3d contest and I am creating a 2d version now (easy to make a 2d version 0x5 )

Anyone know any good examples of 3d corridor rendering?

<self-promo> ut2 </self-promo>
<self promo>http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/382/38296.html</self promo>
And Harq, that's an excellent idea. I hope everyone does that.
I don't really know how to do 3D graphics that require rendering. The only kind I know to do is to piece together multiple pictures in different ways to show available direcetions to travel. Other than that, I am limited, because I don't even know what rendering means Sad

Yeah, a math program contest might be too boring to do.

As for RPGs being too long, I don't think so, you would just have to limit the size, which would make the contest longer.

Is the contest in ASM or Basic? If it is ASM, please give me a good heads-up so I can finish learning ASM (I stopped after about day 15 on the learn ASM in 28 day guide).

As for Platform and Sidescrolling, those would be OK, but not great.

One last comment, I really like the idea of having a single program to create, and whoever does the best job wins (much easier to judge). I did something similar for a contest I held at my school (one category was maze game - the obvious winner was the only guy that created a 3D maze game).

I still can't wait, no matter what it is!
yeah, it was easier to compare when all they I had to do was Sudoku, but the last one was good. If we do go with 3D, it will be an ASM/BASIC contest, but I don't think I will go with it.
So it couldn't be a pure Basic 3d contest? Okay...squelching the rebellion huh? Laughing I'll do it anyway.
I'm hoping puzzle wins. I have no idea on how to do 3d. And now that my computer is broken, I won't have hours to do research like Harq suggested. Computers only have 30 minute sessions at the library. Sad
I wouldn't be doing research, I would be downloading all the tibasic 3d games and seeing their tecniques.
Doing some research on raycasting and other 3d techniques would help.
raycasting in ti-basic? Are you kidding me? Razz

But yeah, studying some tecniques like that might help (raycasting raytracing etc.)
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