What type of programs?
 10%  [ 2 ]
 31%  [ 6 ]
 21%  [ 4 ]
 10%  [ 2 ]
 26%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 19

Just following the rhyme trend! Smile
I'm not sure how long this poll should go for, so I'll just say 21 days.
I think that 3D would be cool.
as do I
After making a few 3D and pseudo-3D games myself in BASIC, I'd love lo see what some other programmers could do.
I have a question: Can we use asm libs if we make them ourselves?
For the 3D rendering itself? I would think that would kinda be cheating, no? I'd tend to say no, but let's see what rivereye has to say.
I have to think about the ASM thing, but I am thinking if we do, no xLib. (these are just first thoughts, have to think some more).
I just meant generally, not nessacarily(sp?) this time.
rivereye wrote:
I have to think about the ASM thing, but I am thinking if we do, no xLib. (these are just first thoughts, have to think some more).
Definitely. No Codex, and no Xlib, though Resource might possibly be acceptable.
I was talking about making my own asm program specially for my entry (like a smaller version of ZCOMPILE for pasting levels/maps into a string.)
I would definitly like to try my hand at a pure Basic 3d game. I'm not sure how many there are out there, anyone willing to find out? I would just love to see what would come out of it. I tend to want to wait for the results of the second contest before voting but oh well.
I have no idea how to render a 3d game (like looking down a hall wal) but we need time to rest before this, so I can do some research. Wink
Oh noes! 3d is winning! Surprised Laughing
I am very interested in raycasting and stretching it's abilities to the extreme. Though it would convienient if I got a chance to look at Axcho's code before the contest. There are other ways I think I could do it as well.
hey, just because the poll has one higher than another doesn't mean I will go with it. Btw, if we do allow ASM, libs by other people and pure ASM progs will be accepted, but I will judge the pure BASIC easiest (for obvious reasons).
Speaking of judging... Rolling Eyes There's really no rush, though. I'm just getting impatient. Take all the time you need.
... Do you accept cash payments Very Happy

Just Joking
Paypal only (Just Joking). I have the results finalized, just have to put the finishing touches on the post.
Yay! Very Happy Must... wait... a few... more... minutes... Shock

Edit: 400 Posts!
Gah, that's torture. I hope it come across like I was assuming it would be 3d, more like a hypothetical. Still doesn't change the fact that I want to do a raycasting game eventually.
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