A curiosity question 😊 Given that native assembly support has been removed, are people using older operating systems, or are people using emulators, or is there a hack I know nothing about? When people design an ASM or C game for these calculators, what's the first thing that comes to their mind in terms of how people will play the game they created?
Instead of just sending an external link, here's a slightly more in-depth explanation:

With TI-OS 5.5.1 (there was no official release of 5.5.0), TI removed native ASM support from all TI-84+CE calculators with that OS or higher (and with the downgrade block, permanently so on all calls made after that point). Someone discovered a... jailbreak uh, program that could re-enable ASM support. It's called ArTIfiCE, and can be found at the link Mateo so graciously provided above. With later OSs (5.6 and 5.7, namely), it's unlikely that ArTIfiCE will work, but yvantt is working on making it happen, and I can tell you that Cesium should work on newer OSs (at least, if the latest release notes are to be believed. My calc is running TI-OS 5.3.0037), so my guess is that said attempts were at least partially successful.

Tl;dr: Usually, people stick with older OSs (or at least I do), or use an emulator (I don't). So I would say (in my professional opinion as a TI-BASIC programmer lol) that it's not really a worry. Generally, newer ASM and C games end up with a link to ArTIfiCE in the readme, so if someone is stuck with a newer OS, they're not left behind (as it were).

Hope this helps!
I would add that TI has released two additional updates (OS 5.6 and just recently OS 5.7) that have not patched the vulnerability that ArTIfiCE has been using. As far as I can tell, so TI might not ever patch it.

Specifically they have not updated the Cabri Jr. application that the "program" uses to reenable ASM on these OS versions.
jake01756 wrote:
TI might not ever patch it.

It will be patched the moment it becomes a problem. Sadly, one program for cheating is enough to become a problem. So don't do that.
arTIfiCE works on os 5.7 on my calculator.
Custom ASM programs won't run without Artifice/Cabri Jr. But the functionality of ASM seems to be unchanged.
My CE is running, but it can still run assembly and C programs. I did not try to download any until after downloading Cesium, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but the Asm84CEprgm token is still locked on the calculator, so I might end up using arTIfiCE anyway.
arTIfiCE doesn't do anything to re-enable the Asm84CEprgm token. Literally all it does is present a list of programs and runs the one you choose.
As far as I know, there are no programs for removing the restriction on the catalog, but you can always just make a program containing it in TI-Connect CE and transfer it to the calculator, then recall it in your own programs. So the restriction really only affects people trying to enter short assembly snippets without using a computer.
Thanks! I had never thought of that trick. You should probably look at zeldaking’s new IDE that writes assembly on-calc.
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