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I'm creating a game that is essentially the above (Among Us/Capture the Flag/Bomberman) in TI-BASIC for the TI-84+CE. The basic premise is simple: Find a flag, kill as many others as necessary (or as many as you can. Your call.), run flag up your flagpole. Do that, and you win. The big difference is how the maze the whole thing takes place in is made: It's procedurally generated. (Actually closer to randomly generated but "procedurally generated" sounds way cooler) That's right folks, the maze is made new every time. Unless you are continuing a game, but I haven't figured out a way to store games in an optimal fashion yet, so that's not happening for a while. I'm not yet going to reveal the secret of how it is generated, but there will be a whole lot of fun stuff to... well, contend with. And customize.

Magic: there's going to be magic. No spoilers -- you have to figure it out yourself!

Portals: Pretty straightforward. There's two types: one-way, which generally teleport you to a random location (although sometimes the destination is fixed) and two-way, which spit you out wherever its twin is (there's a limited number, partially due to limited TI-OS colors).

Weapons: punchstabexplodeshoot Graphing Calculator grenadelaunchershotgunetc. Evil or Very Mad

Armor: maybe, in a later version. Same goes for shields.

An easter egg: Good luck figuring this one out!

Limited vision: Much like among us

Persistent vision: you can enable/disable objects you have already encountered. That being said, they may have moved, so there will be a visible border demarkation-ing what you do and do not know for sure. You're welcome.

Blocks: Literally. There are (road)blocks. That you can push. To block people.

Turrets/Mobs: Mobs move on set courses until you get too close, then chase you. They can only melee attack and are annoying, but generally won't end up being your demise. Turrets don't move and are pretty rare, but do quite a bit of ranged damage. Easy to kill though (tip: get in close).

Health: watch your health. If you die, you're out of the game for a few rounds, and then respawn near your flag or flagpole (randomly or alternated -- not sure which to do yet) with all your stuff gone (except maybe one or two things and/or some armor)

Inventory: Not a lot goes here, but this is where you can equip stuff and execute actions.

Last but definitively not least, Flags/flagpoles: You start the game with your flag and have to hide it somewhere. You can pick up and place any flag (even your own) anywhere -- handy for when someone discovers where your flag is.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention: this isn't a single-player game. It's turn-based -- sort of. Player 1 registers their turn, Player 2 registers their turn, and so on all down the line. Then all the turns happen at once, much like Warzone ( Also, the action system is relatively unique in that you spend action points to do specific things on your turn, and different actions cost different amounts of action points. I'm still trying to minimize the amount of variables used by the game, but currently it uses quite a few. Almost all, in fact. Don't criticize. Please.

Also, this will use my TI Development libraries (actually subroutines, but "libraries" sounds cooler) which will come with the release.

The current version (which is an unreleasable dumpster fire) does not support pausing or saving yet, but I will eventually port the whole thing to ICE or eZ80 and store everything in an AppVar, which fixes a lot of problems.

I had somehting else I was going to say, but I seem to have forgotten it. Here's a placeholder:

Ø Hmāna Thulcandra né têl Hnāu Hrû hlunthelïne hīndrit crāh!

(Don't ask what it means. Just appreciate it. Yes, it's a real language. No, no one speaks it. No, it's not complete. No, I didn't invent it. Yes, I use it.)
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