Because it's a pain to continually type in basically the same code for subroutines such as visually appealing text menus, a "Press [ENT]..." dialogue, interactive graphical menus, and so on and so forth, I finally decided that I am going to generalize them. I currently have prgmPRESSENT and prgmTIMENU02 as releasable piles of... (Okay, they're not *that* bad.) Point is, I will eventually take the time to create actual documentation. As it is, just look through the code; they're not hard to use. Both are fully compatible with the CE and CSE, and will work on monochrome calcs, but not throw errors (non-system) if a bad command is used -- a TI-OS DOMAIN error will pop up instead. I may fix this eventually, but it's a long shot.

One note: the prgmTIMENU02 subroutine DOES require the prgmPRESSENT subroutine to throw detailed errors (go to Lbl E for why).

If anyone wants to help me with this, great! I would really appreciate it.
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