Here it is! An early release build / test build of my new RPG game "Elimination." If you like Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Pokemon, you'll probably like this game. Download the game here:

This is an early release build. That means that this is for testing purposes. If you manage to finish the game, you won't be able to see the final cutscene because it's not ready yet, but your game will be saved, and then you can see the ending simply by loading your saved game once the final cutscene is ready to go.

There are two things I'd like to know:
1. Does the game work? (I've only been testing this on an emulator)
2. Is the game too easy or too hard?

You can send me an email or make a post here if you find a bug or if you think the game is too easy or too hard.

What do I mean by if the game is too easy or too hard?
* The first two levels should be easy. Levels 9,10 and 11 should be hard but not frustrating like NES Battletoads or Atari 2600 E.T.
* Are there any weapons that are overpowered?
* Are there any weapons or projectiles that are too expensive or too cheap?
* Do you find that you have to return to the main hub too often to heal yourself?
* Is money too easy or too hard to come by?
* Is it too easy or too difficult to level up?
* Is there a world where one character gets under-used because he / she can't fight most enemies?
* Are any of these bosses (besides the Alien CIC) too easy or too hard? Firebird, supercomputer, Zebella, Balkstone, Tank Mark X, Cardon Bol, Red Hawk

I'll be able to fix bugs and statistics, such as how much money a robot gives you, how much health you get for leveling up, how much damage a weapon can do, etc. I won't be able to add any more features. For example, I was hoping to add an option so that you could instantly heal all your health at once instead of pressing "heal" over and over, but I won't be able to. I was also hoping to add an option where damaging shields with protons gives you more experience points, but I won't be able to.
The early release build, unfortunately, has a couple of bugs. One is a poor certificate, the other is a poorly-picked location for the RAM code that the game requires. These bugs can't be fixed now due to some major code-rewriting I've been doing to optimize the game even further, but hopefully a fix will be available in 5 days.

1) You don't need to unlock your RAM to play this, as I've moved the location of the executable RAM Code.
2) Hopefully the signature's correct.
3) The final cutscene is done! You can ignore what the manual says, you do not need a special appvar to view the ending.
4) I've thought over a tester's suggestions and have made it so that the game will save more often. You still can't save anywhere you want, but this should be less of a headache.
5) Some more bug fixes

For all intents and purposes, the game is done except for bug fixes and balance changes.
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