Hi everyone. I've been trying to use Pineapple CAS and I read the read me multiple times, but it still doesn't make sense to me.

Can someone help me understand how to use the program in simpler language? I'm sorry, I know how dumb I sound but I really just don't understand the read me.
A large portion of the readme just describes the interface for using PineappleCAS from a TI-BASIC program. Since you aren't a TI-BASIC program, you can ignore that part. Really, the only usage-related text in the readme is this part:
Navigate the GUI with the arrow keys, and press enter on GUI elements to change their value.
Press clear to exit the program.

You can use PineappleCAS by putting the function you want to simplify or take the derivative of in Y₁, running PineappleCAS, selecting the operation you want to do, and then clicking the button for it. Your result will be in Y₂. Turning on more of the checkboxes will allow PCAS to do more complex operations, but it will also take longer.
How would I use it from TI-BASIC though? I'm pretty curious.
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