I know, I know. There's about a bajillion different versions of NIM out there. But this one's better. Why? Because it's extremely customizable. Or at least, it will be. Once I finish the second release... In any case, I'm publishing the first version to the Cemetech Archives; you can find it here.

This is my first original game ever, so please test it out and see what you think, and don't roast me for accidentally clearing your RAM. (It didn't clear mine...)
(Here are the patch notes I wrote for v1.0.1 -- you can find the new version here: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/2199/x2471)

Oops. I goofed. (Again.) Fixed a fatal error on startup and compressed the program somewhat, along with removing any unnecessary parts (like the text at the beginning that was supposed to be sprites -- but I haven't actually taken the time to port it to ICE yet. Just hold you horses, okay? Also, please pardon my atrocious spelling. It's all my keyboard's fault.) I am also working on a one-player AI mode and fixing the pile generator. If you get a crappy seed, I'm sorry. Just reboot the program; it should generate a new seed. Also added the (very un-compressed) "DEV" version, which will be maintained parallel with the normal version. It's basically a more readable version than the normal, at the expense of about a kilobyte or so of space. Furthermore, the game can tell when you try to ake a non-whole number of stones and prevents you from doing so by throwing the "Sad Try again..." error and returning you to the stones screen.
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