Hello everyone! I got some bad news from my home that one of my sisters unfortunately broke our family USB-stick (yes, bad...), and now everything is broken. See the pictures for more information. So, my question is, is it possible to retrieve all the data from it somehow? Do I need to solder something? Get a new USB-stick of the same type? Any help is greatly appreciated Smile

It seems it is a MaxFlash 64GB USB 2.0, if that helps anything.

Here are some pics I received: https://imgur.com/a/kMvuPJ4
Normally the connector bends off and you can resolder it, however having what looks like the controller chip completely break is strange. Is that something that you broke off afterwards?

Your only hope will be to try and get some equipment to read the flash memory (bigger chip) or maybe desolder and transfer it to a working exact copy of the drive possibly.
My advice in this sort of situation is to hire a professional data recovery service if you care about the data, otherwise give it up as a loss.

Trying to get another stick with exactly the same hardware and transplanting the flash chip to the new one could work or you might be able to just read the flash out directly, but if you care enough about whatever data is on it to try that then you probably also care enough about the data to pay somebody who definitely knows what they're doing.
At least it seems like the flash chip is unharmed so there's a decent chance the data is still in there... There are TSOP48 clips that exist which would allow you to get the data off of it but they aren't common and they aren't really cheap. The chip also doesn't have any markings on it so you'd have to take a guess at what it is. Assuming it conforms to ONFI standards, then you can read its ID and find out what it is from that. The pinout of nand flash chips is surprisingly somewhat standard so you could guess wrong and still get it right.

Repairing it seems like a lost cause to me.
That being said, I agree with Tari that if you really care about the data, you're best shot at recovering it is probably to pay a data recovery person.
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