Hey all, Very Happy

I'm looking to learn how to program games onto my calc I just got. I was gonna just use the built-in Micro python but the modules are so limited that I just can't make anything good and I can't change the screen since it's just a console. I've seen a lot of people adding games without using this and wanted to know how to do it.

e.g. is there a specific language I gotta use, how do I go about making it work with the calc, are they any helpful vids or tutorials I could watch etc...

Thanks in advance

The fx-CG 50 is the same as the fx-CG 20 (Prizm) but with a better CPU. There is also a minor change in where the video RAM is located, so the graphics for some addons for the Prizm doesn't work.
WikiPrizm is a good way to get started programming add-ins in C.
If you don't want to learn that, you could use pyg3a (python) which I have been writing - though this is still a work in progress.
There is also a Prizm subtopic on the forums which may be able to help you.

If you have any more questions, please ask - I'd be happy to help!
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