Sorry for the newbie question, I have no experience in using TI-84's and this is my first time trying one (on an emulator of course!), I have downloaded a ROM version of the TI-84 Plus CE, and I have been trying to download a program into the archive, but it automatically moves it to RAM, is there anyway to make it go to archive?, Thanks
Just drag the program file over the calculator's LCD and it should give you the option to upload it into the RAM or the archive.
If it's already in the RAM, but you want it in the Archive instead, hit 2nd, [Mem], All, and then scroll down to what you want o move. If it has an asterisk, it's in the archive. If not, it's in the RAM. Move it to and fro by pressing [enter]; the asterisk should disappear or reappear. Hope this helps!
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