Should I continue calculator collecting?
 90%  [ 9 ]
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

I'm on the fence of whether to continue. I love doing it, but sometimes I feel like there is no point in it and it is just a waste of money. So what do you guys think?
Of course!
mr womp womp wrote:
Of course!

I'm glad you think I should continue! Smile
I think you keep collecting calculators if you enjoy it.
I agree with Alvajoy!
It also depends on how much money you have for it.
But I guess that most of us here on Cemetech would say that you should definitely continue. We are all calculator freaks here, so what else to expect... Razz
I would encourage you to continue collecting calculators as a hobby, but I would also recommend keeping a balance between the time and money you spend on calculators and on more practical things. Razz
You love doing it is a good enough reason to continue IMHO ! And TI's are not expensive compared to HP or many other hobbies for that matter.
Thanks for all your guy's feedback! It definitely makes me want to continue collecting...
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