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Oh noes. Sad This makes me sad.
Doesn't surprise me. The attitude they approached it with ("all we need to do is replace bl0002.exe") was flawed to begin with. It would have involved alot of work, including replacing all the original textures and models
Indeed, nor I. All of the staff, including myself, seemed to have gradually been losing interest in it.
his makes me sad Sad
This makes me sad as well. Do we have to resort to BL retail?
heck no, Im staying with TBM and the current version b0002
Hey TBM/BL was good while it lasted. Let's celebrate the good times we have and move on.
jpez wrote:
Hey TBM/BL was good while it lasted. Let's celebrate the good times we have and move on.

TBM still works....
Let me rephrase: an active TBM development community.
yeah, will be sad day when TBM will not be used anymore. Maybe someone could make TBG in something other than Torque and that, but it is their call over there.
I fear that once TBM dies out, it will only be retail BL with some new kind of RTB. Sad But as JPez said, it was good while it lasted.
How long was BL in existance?
I was on last night and ShadowZ said that it *might* still happen
(1:41:16am) * netham45 (~netham45@c-67-165-228-166.hsd1.co.comcast.net) has joined #tbm2
(1:41:24am) <netham45> Hello!
(1:42:01am) <netham45> Hello?
(1:42:08am) <@ShadowZ> hello
(1:42:46am) <netham45> So, is it true? Has TBM been discontinued?
(1:43:34am) <@ShadowZ> there's still some work on it being done here and there
(1:43:49am) <@ShadowZ> tbg will hopefuly be doable
(1:44:13am) <netham45> Kerm posted a link to a thread that said TBM and TBG were discontinued...
(1:44:22am) <netham45> Man, I hope that is not true.
(1:54:41am) * netham45 (~netham45@c-67-165-228-166.hsd1.co.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: netham45)
Well, that's hopeful then! Apparently Phatstreet was a bit mistaken. Razz
Who's snotface? Confused
OMG! I was going to post that! Very Happy

Do people find it weird when random people quote them?
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