A Happy Thanksgiving update!
He's fixed a bunch more, all with connection/corrosion issues. Have a new influx to repair along with some gen 1 nSpire's and TI83's to fix.

(Earlier) UPDATE: Fixed 4 more all with similar power issues. One of them had a pencil point broken off in the connect jack that was causing it to run slowly. Removed it and it works normally.

Son brought home a TI84+ SE from the school that would not power on. Checked batteries, cleaned pads, reset. No go. He fixed it by twerking the battery spring with a screwdriver. Teacher has a box of dead calcs of which this is the first one. He's on his way. Smile

I'll bet that your local school has a box of dead calcs too. Why not see if you can help by offering to take a look, maybe some will be an easy fix?

So far son fixed 4 more calcs with similar issues. One had a loose display ribbon cable.
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