Well folks, the poll for Projects of the Year 2020 has ended, and it is time to announce the results!

In 6th Place, we have 5 projects:
  • Sudoku CE by Jeffitus. This fun puzzle game for the TI 84+ CE allows you to play Sudoku in a clean, simple, and distraction-free environment.
  • Hue CE by epsilon5. Hue CE is a colorful shooter game, requiring you to quickly and accurately shoot specific targets.
  • Contagion CE by epsilon5 and EverydayCode. This Plague, Inc. port is focused around simulating a global virus, much like the covid pandemic.
  • FPGA as ti link cable by rv68k. This incredible hardware project transfer data nearly 2x faster than a normal TI cable!
  • Calculator in Minecraft by _iPhoenix_. This large and fully functional redstone calculator in minecraft was built to look just like an 84+ CE!

In 5th Place, we have 4 projects:

In 4th Place, we have Nesizm by tswilliamson. This project is an NES emulator for the Casio Prizm, and supports many of your favorite classic games at full speed!

3rd Place goes to 2 projects:
  • HailStorm CE by epsilon5. HailStorm is a fun and graphically-pleasing shoot 'em up game for the TI 84+ CE in which you must navigate a spaceship through an asteroid field.
  • Cemetech Userstyles by _iPhoenix_. This project entails various stylistic and functional improvements to the Cemetech website through the power of chrome extensions.

In 2nd Place, and getting 24% of the votes, tihle by Tari is a project which allows for the emulation of many popular games for the monochrome calculators, and implements many of TI's routines in Rust without using any of TI's code.

And finally, in 1st Place, and getting 28% of the votes in the poll, we have the 2020 Project of the Year:
VYSION CE by epsilon5!
epsilon5 has worked very hard on this project, which is a Windows-like shell for the TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE calculators, and that has many, many features, including a spiffy UI, file operations, program launching, numerous customization options, and more. Be sure to congratulate epsilon5, and download this impressive and very spiffy project!

Thank you to all of our members that competed in the poll, and be sure to keep the great projects coming!
Congrats everyone for making the list and VYSION CE for winning. I still need to check through the older POTM threads to see if there is anything that I've missed in the last few years while I was lurking. I'm particularly looking forward for Tihle. Smile
Amazing work to all the contenders, and the winners are well-deserved. I'm very impressed with how Vysion has carried forward the vision (sorry) of a GUI-ful shell to the TI-84 Plus CE, and I'm glad to see that tihle nearly made it to the top as well. I'm gratified to find that even in 2020, the calculator community is still going strong with impressive, innovative projects.

Also major props to Michael2_3B and the other PotM/PotY news editors for their tireless work in keeping us not completely behind on these.
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