As many of you know, my day job is CEO of Geopipe, a startup putting the real world in digital space every creator. Although I don't post about our work a great deal here, at the risk of too much self-promotion, Alex "ComicIDIOT" did interview Thomas (elfprince13) and me five years ago about the then-fledgling company, and last December, we pushed out a Minecraft server of all of NYC to showcase one of the fun game applications of having rich data describing what's in a real-world city, not just how it looks. In the intervening year, we've been continuing to build Geopipe's AI and procedural capabilities as can be applied to reproduce any area in the real world.

Earlier in the year, we published two free asset packs on the Unity asset store, both drawn from our showcase New York City twin (the one we obviously love using most for demos!). After seeing how popular those free assets were, we decided to throw open our whole New York City for any game or simulation creator to use. I know some Cemetechians have built games in Unity, and others have experimented with other platforms, so please enjoy all of NYC, free for personal or commercial use. Last year the Minecraft version contained buildings, roads, streets, and trees at a Minecraft level of detail; since then, we've taught our system to generate lots of new street "furniture", more detailed buildings, better terrain and water, more accurate trees, and we have a lot more coming soon.

Download New York City (CC-BY-4.0)

This is awesome, glad to see GeoPipe doing well after so long! Just for some clarification, although the whole city is free, people on the free tier will still need to download it in 3km^2 chunks and are still limited to the 50km^2 per month limit, correct?

Unfortunately, I am told I have an invalid selection no matter how small of a selection I make. I'm logged in on Firefox 107 on Windows 10. I suppose I'll send a message to your support email.
Please do send an email to support, or there's also a support Discord. You can download up to about 8 km^2 at a time, and if you had an application where you need more than 50km^2, we're happy to share up to the whole thing.
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