There was a link to some kind of beta online calc program transfer? What's it called? I think it was similar to, or or something...
Thanks!! also, does a cable that came with a CE also work with an 84 plus?
Im trying to use the website, but my ti 84+ shows up as "unknown device from texas instruments" and it's not letting me connect.

My CE does the same thing...

It says my 84+ isn't supported, here is the info it spit at me:

"deviceClass": 0,
"deviceProtocol": 0,
"deviceSubclass": 0,
"deviceVersionMajor": 1,
"deviceVersionMinor": 0,
"deviceVersionSubminor": 0,
"manufacturerName": null,
"productId": 33535,
"productName": null,
"serialNumber": "B30F0841D9E2",
"usbVersionMajor": 2,
"usbVersionMinor": 0,
"usbVersionSubminor": 1,
"vendorId": 1105
Product Name isn't supposed to be null I think, hmm. But there's going to be an override for that I think, considering some people also have it customized and it breaks detection.
Yeah. The error code stuff is the same with my CE. Like, the exact same

EDIT: I tried the ticalc link website on a chromebook. It worked with transferring programs to my CE, but when I try my 84+ is shows up as "TI-84+", but when I press the blue button to send the program nothing happens. I originally tried this on a Win 10 laptop without admin perms, and both calculators didn't work. doesn't work on Windows due to driver issues. I do not recommend trying to fix the drivers because I ended up making work, but breaking TI-Connect CE:
I actually cannot get Ti Connect CE on the laptop because I don't have admin perms, will I be able to fix the drivers without admin password and username? Also how do I fix the drivers lol
Without admin, you don't.
Sad oh well. Is there a way to get the 84+ to work on my chromebook? My CE works fine I believe.
EDIT: I got it to work by downloading the raw .8xg files, but when I try to put doom on, it gives me a something went wrong error. When I look at the calc, there are a bunch of doom things but when I run DOOM I get err: undefined.
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