Hello everyone. I am brand new to putting stuff on my calculator and the community, and I recently downloaded cesium and vysion for my TI 84 Plus CE. Aside from looking cool and running programs, what is the point of actually having them, and what advantage do they provide over the TI OS, since everything I've seen so far you can just do with the TI OS combined with the artifice jailbreak?
Also how do I put wallpapers of my choice on vysion, not just the included ones? I am on a Mac so I can't use the file converters. I tried a basic transfer where I just dragged the png to TI Connect CE, but it doesn't show up in the wallpaper selector in vysion.
Thanks for your help!
Since you want a list:

  • HUD: Displays battery level.

    • Program count. (toggle in settings)
    • Current time. (toggle in settings)
    • Custom color scheme. (changeable in settings)

  • Backup features:

    • Backup RAM before executing programs (with [2nd] button). If a program crashes, nothing will be deleted or lost! (toggle in settings)
    • Quick launch button (the [enter] button) that skips backup process.
    • External backup, if your calculator crashes outside of Cesium, everything is still protected!
    • Restore External backup feature so you can revert your calculator back to its backed-up state whenever you want.

  • Basic Features:

    • Quick launch with [ON]+[prgm] (toggle in settings)
    • Quick (adjustable) password lock with [ON]+[stat] (toggle in settings)
    • Run ASM programs directly from it.
    • Run Archived programs with any OS.
    • Search for programs for a quick lookup.
    • Archive programs.
    • Lock programs from editing.
    • Hide programs from normal [prgm] button.
    • Rename a program.
    • Create a program.
    • Delete a program.
    • Folder dedicated to FLASH applications. (toggle in settings)
    • Folder dedicated to AppVars. (toggle in settings)
    • Automatically quits after a minute of inactivity so it won't drain your battery.
    • Displays program details such as:

      • Displays an icon next to the programs name.
      • Language the program was written in.
      • How large a program is.
      • Extra information about a program at the bottom of the HUD.

  • Developer Features:

    • Support for instant GOTO when breaking from a TI-Basic program.
    • Support for jumping to labels when editing a TI-Basic program.
    • Hook to catch stop tokens in TI-Basic programs.
    • Edit Archived BASIC programs and an instant goto for errors. (Won't edit locked programs)
    • While editing program, you have access to the entire screen (the "PROGRAM:NAME" line isn't there)
    • Turn off loading indicator when running BASIC programs. (toggle in settings)

  • USB features:

    • Transfer files from a USB flash drive to the calculator.
    • Move files to a USB drive from the calculator (WIP).
    • Run programs directly from the USB drive.

  • Language support:

    • English
    • French
    • Dutch

For the VYSION wallpapers, you'll need to download convimg by MateoConLechuga. I believe that there's a makefile in the directory you downloaded that you can edit. That will generate a .8xv file, which you can send to your calc.

And I've already made a wallpaper converting script for VYSION 2 so this confusion won't happen again, in case anyone was wondering.

As for its features, I'd recommend reading through the program thread, it will tell you everything you need to know.
Thank you so much! I didn't know about the developer and USB features and I will use the convimg file as soon as I get the chance.
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