i have a ti-84+ and i put mirageos on it to play games. the games are on the calculator but are not showing up in the main folder. please help

(I put mirageos on the calculator from my mac using ti connect, the calculator was made in 05 2010)
What programs? If they're TI-BASIC programs, they won't necessarily show up in MirageOS. If you do want TI-BASIC programs to show up, you could add the MirageOS header to them, or consider using Doors CS instead (which shows TI-BASIC programs by default): https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/474
what do you mean by programs, I did not say anything about programs? so I just tried to put doors CS on the calculator but it failed, it showed "Errors occurred while sending DoorsCS7.8xk. A distribution list, containing the device(s) which returned an error, was created for each file." and that's for most of the files / games that I try to put on it. also what is a mirageOS header
so I got doors CS to work but when I get to open up "CARS" it gives me a Error 514 and I can't press quit or any thing for that matter but removing the batteries turns it off and back on obviously and fixes it but when you open back up "CARS" it dose the same thing
I think the issue(s) may have been resolved in SAX, at least to a degree. Seems to have been an issue with an incorrectly packaged assembly program, and other games could be run once transferred to the calculator. Anyone able to give a more detailed update for current and future readers?
CVSoft yes it has been solved in SAX but not all the way still cant open up "CARS" but every other program will open and play just fine except Tetris once you complete level 1 and go to level 2 it gives an error message (it does not show level 2)
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