I acquired a Titanium which wouldn't turn on because one of the pads connecting to the batteries was covered with black burned looking gunk. After sanding the gunk off, it turned on.
But the screen goes black when it's turned on. Then it slowly brightens to normal. Everything else works.
How long it takes for the screen to get to normal depends on how long the calculator was off. If it was off for a minute, it'll get back to normal in a few seconds. If it was off for twenty minutes or so, it'll take half a minute or so.
Any ideas?
After 1 minute off, the screen brightens in a few seconds. After 2 minutes off, the calculator screen takes about 12 seconds to brighten up. After being off overnight, about 3 minutes to reach full brightness.

It feels like there is some capacitor that's charging too slowly.

Besides the corrosion around the + battery pad, there is no obvious damage anywhere on the PCB (my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, but I used a magnifying glass). I tested the small number of electrolytic capacitors I could find, and they seemed OK (maybe a slightly out of tolerance, but maybe my multimeter isn't calibrated well).
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