Hey guys,
I seem to have been banned from SAX an can no longer see or receive messages from it. How do I get unbanned? the reasoning behind this s that I made an alt account called "RoccoloxPrograms" after the real "Roccolox Programs" account as a joke towards Rocco. Both of the accounts have been banned from SAX and I don't know how to get the perms back. I'm fine if the other account is deleted, it was merely a joke.
p.s. If I have to apologize to the mods, of which I know are Tari and Kerm, I don't know anymore, sorry, I won't do it again, it was a joke and I wasn't meaning to impersonate Rocco, he's cool.
Also I just realized right below my name you can see "Banned from SAX for impersonation" so, yeah, I guess this might be permanent Crying

EDIT: Tari banned me from the discord as well so I won't be able to interact with the Cemetech community anymore. Great. Please, I had no idea that a joke alt wasn't allowed, and now I'm completely banned.
Consequences are consequences; if you can demonstrate that you are able to abide by the rules with your limited capabilities we may restore your chat privileges within a reasonably short time frame (around a week, I'm thinking).

You've been doing a bad job of demonstrating that so far, creating alternate accounts.
Okay Tari, mainly because I didn’t know what was going on and what the rules were. Is there like a rulebook for Cemetech anywhere so I don’t make a mistake without realizing it?
Nice shades, Tari. Thanks xlibman. I knew alts were not a great idea but didn’t know they would be taken so seriously. I guess I will go to TI Planet and talk to the French, see you guys in a while.
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